The bay of Ermones is located on the west coast of Corfu, 17 kilometers from the city and an impressive landscape between two steep slopes.

Many scholars of Odyssey identify Ermones as the place where Odysseus arrived crummy shipwrecked on the island of Corfu, where the beautiful princess Nausicaa discovered along with therapenides of who washed their clothes once in the area surrounding the kingdom of Alcinous.

Ermones is an ideal choice for golfers because the land in the Ropa Valley is only a few minutes. Also, the bay is interesting for hikers because virgin trails diaschyzoun unique natural beauty areas for exploration.

The beach area finds the visitor taverns within walking distance and the local bar-café is open 24-hours in order to serve properly the guests of Ermones.

On each side of the hill is worth to visit the two valley-oriented villages, Vatos and Giannades. At this place is located a famous and accessible wine farm with a great production of local varieties.